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Welcome to Empire University, a comprehensive training program designed to teach proper cleaning procedures while reinforcing safe handling of all products. This program - in conjunction with the state-of-the-art training, available from our supplier partners - provides a system so complete and customizable that it will empower your employees with pride and professionalism.

Whether it's MSDS or Bloodborne Pathogen training, we have the curriculum you need. Basic or advanced on-site training along with web based training modules designed to give new employees a head start. We can customize similar training for you and your employees.

Training and retention are critical issues to maintaining your facility expectations and managing costs. Today's fast-paced technology driven world demands organization and documentation. Empire can introduce you to a custodial maintenance management software system that will simplify your workload scheduling, direct quality inspections, create reports and graphs, all designed to manage and exceed your facility's changing needs.

Is sustainability an issue? Want to go "green"? We can replace your current cleaning program with fewer, safer products. Green Cleaning products, together with an effective Green Cleaning program, can reduce risk of injury from chemicals by:

  • Replacing the most dangerous cleaning products with safer ones
  • Reducing the total number of chemicals used in your facility
  • Reinforcing safety measures and procedures for proper handling and storage of any chemical

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