Product Sourcing

Sourcing beyond the Catalog

Let us focus on your procurement needs so you can focus on your bottom line

Hard-to-find item? Looking to cut costs without cutting quality? Is lead time an issue? Can't find a part number? Simply contact your account manager and put them to work for you today.

The Empire Paper product sourcing service focuses on solving your most time-consuming and expensive procurement problems - locating a source for maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supplies. In the Empire on-line catalog, you can access thousands of products across a wide array of facility product categories. But occasionally you can't find what you need. That's where our sourcing service comes in. We have access to the full product line for most of our catalog suppliers. We'll also track down other brands beyond the catalog.

We've been serving businesses just like yours for four generations. See how doing business with Empire Paper is fast and efficient enough, so you can focus on your bottom line.