Industries & Markets Served

Commercial Facilities

Building Service Contractors, In-House Facility Maintenance, & Shopping Malls

We've been helping building managers keep their buildings spotless since 1926. Empire Paper carries all the supplies you need to operate your facility and stay within budget. Whether it's the newest equipment - such as a hands-free faucet, flush, towel, tissue and soap systems - ultra-high gloss floor finish, or a new air care program, we can help.

We offer products and supplies for your:

  • Janitorial services
  • Restroom
  • Break room
  • Lighting
  • Safety equipment
  • Office

In addition, we can also:

  • Provide employee training: instructions on proper procedures and safe handling of all cleaning products.
  • Consolidation training: save money and relieve stress when you consolidate your purchases.
  • Work with Building Service Contractors to help with:
    • Training programs
    • Support from our service department team
  • Assist you in going "green" with:
    • Guidance on product selection and standardization
    • On-site training


Schools & Universities (Public & Private)

Empire Paper Company has served schools in the Texas and Oklahoma areas since 1926. Thus, it's likely our products cleaned the schools your parents and grandparents attended. The products and brand names have changed, but our commitment to selling products and service that provide you with clean and safe facilities has remained the same.

Our services include:

  • Use of the latest technology in recoating wood-floor gymnasiums
  • Supplies for eliminating bacteria and infection
    • MRSA, HIV-1 and other communicable and non-communicable bacteria and viruses
  • On-site Hazardous Communication and Bloodborne Pathogen training
    • Our trainers help you meet all legal training requirements
    • Review safe handling and proper usage of all products and equipment

You taught us for so many years. Let Empire Paper return the favor and teach you how to improve the appearance of your facility, keep your students and staff healthy, and stay within your budget.

Food Processing

Food, Beverage, Agriculture, & Dairy

Whether your business is production, manufacturer/processor or packager of food and beverage items, we have a solution for you. Empire Paper can consolidate your purchases, show you how to safely and efficiently meet all your business and regulatory requirements, and lower your total procurement costs.

We offer:

  • Sanitation programs and dispensing systems
  • On-site service
  • Employee training
  • Packaging and shipping supplies
  • " A comprehensive chemical program and service for your in-house laundry


Full & Fast Service Restaurants, Caterers, Theaters, & Convenience Stores

You need what you need when you need it. We get that. Let Empire Paper show you what we've been learning since 1926. We will work with you to:

  • Design a custom sanitation program to meet all your requirements
  • Stock you with the supplies you need
  • Improve the appearance of your restrooms and save you money doing it

At Empire Paper, we want your operation to run as efficiently as possible while insuring the safety and satisfaction of your employees and customers.


Federal, State, & Local Government

Courthouses, Military Installations and Correctional Facilities are vastly different in their purpose and operations. They have one thing in common: the need for environmentally preferred solutions to day-to-day cleaning problems that fit within ever-shrinking budgets.

We can help. Empire Paper represents the most innovative chemical manufacturers available in the market today. As a GSA schedule holder, we offer:

  • Dispensing systems
  • On-site service (includes scheduled maintenance and training)
  • Custom web ordering capabilities
  • Reporting functionality
  • Multi-level authorization
  • The ability to accept Government Purchasing Cards

Healthcare - Acute

Hospital, Acute & Out-Patient Care

At Empire Paper, we understand the serious nature of hospital health care. We are committed to bringing your facility the latest in innovative equipment and products from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our employee training programs focuses on:

  • Proper usage of products
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Understanding the prevention of cross-contamination

Our affiliation with the leading GPO's (Group Purchasing Organizations) assures you of competitive pricing and applicable reporting and rebates. We hope to offer you solutions that consolidate vendors and lower your total cost of acquisition.

Healthcare - Long Term

Nursing, Long-Term Care, & Assisted Living

We have been serving long term nursing almost since our inception in 1926. As this market segment has grown, so has our commitment to serving it with the very best manufacturers and products available. Our training programs are focused on cleanliness and proper product usage while emphasizing the safety of your staff and residents.

We offer:

  • On-site installation and service of your warewash and laundry equipment
  • In-house equipment service department
  • Chemical dispensing systems
  • Enzyme-based disinfectants that eliminate odor, deliver superior results

Empire Paper will review your current program and provide a no-charge evaluation of your facility. Quality always costs less in the long term.

Hospitality & Entertainment

Hotel, Motel, Casino, & Amusement Park

We know that you know it. And we want you to know that we know it, too.

In your business, time is money. Your first concern is making sure the customer is satisfied enough with his or her experience to return again. That's one side of it. Turning around that room, game or ride for the next patron is the other side - our job. We supply your staff with the correct products and employee training to improve efficiency, reduce labor hours and maintain your budget.

From the latest ride-on floorcare equipment to pool and spa supplies, Empire Paper can design a program that will do all this and consolidate your purchases, while lowering procurement costs.


Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing and industrial plants demand complete, on-time solutions. Whether it's a production item, packaging or shipping supplies, facility maintenance products, break room or office supplies, we have the answer. Our Regional Distribution Centers can service your single facility or multiple locations with:

  • Products and consultation for going "green"
  • Equipment test-drives/demos
  • In-house service and preventative maintenance plans

Other offerings include:

  • Web ordering capabilities
  • Reporting functionality
  • Multi-level authorization
  • The ability to accept purchasing cards

Empire Paper will design a program to accomplish all this, consolidating your purchases and lowering total procurement costs.


Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls, & Retail Stores

In the retail business, your image and their perception is everything. Let us do a facility review and design a custom maintenance program to make the most of your facility's appearance.

Do customers comment on how shiny and clean your floors appear? If not, then call us. We have designed custom E-Commerce solutions for customers with hundreds of locations. We can do it for you, too.

From one source, we offer:

  • Retail packaging
  • Food service packaging
  • Facility maintenance
  • Office products

We also offer customized:

  • Web ordering capabilities
  • Reporting functionality
  • Multi-level authorization


Commercial Laundries, Dry Cleaners, & Rental Textiles

Anyone can sell chemicals and hang dispensers on the wall, but very few can meet the service and budget demands of most businesses in today's market.

For more than twenty years, Empire Paper Company has serviced commercial laundries in the Texas and Oklahoma markets. From hospitals and nursing homes to schools and dry cleaners, the theme is the same: Service is the key to a successful laundry program.

Testing your water to develop a chemical formula that achieves the desired outcome within your unique geographic condition is key to a successful program. With service technicians strategically located across our markets, we proactively service our customers and provide exceptional results.